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ISL Position and Connections
The diagram shows schematically the ISL position and interfaces to other organizations and information systems. There are shown existing connections and potential interfaces prepared for a time, when other information systems will be put into operation.

Financial Information System
Connection to the Financial Information System (FIS) allows using the uniform materiel identification according to the NATO Codification System, which is determinant for all armed forces and is assured by the ISL module MC CATALOGUE. Further it is used for sending accounting data about completed materiel transactions from the ISL to the FIS and an interchange of information related to making and consuming a budget.

NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA)
The connection to NAMSA is very important. It is used for electronic data interchange of materiel codification data (transactions) between countries using the NATO Codification System.

Staff Information System
It allows a flow of information important for operations planning and controlling.

Personal Information System
Interface to the Personal Information System allows interconnection important for an area of preparation and employment of logistics operatives.

State Information System
The State Information System defines standards for a uniform information interchange between governmental departments.

There is assured a possibility to provide Parliament (e.g. the Defense and Security Committee) with reports about a status of crucial weapon systems.

Logistic Functional Area Sub-System (LOGFASS)
This interface will allow exchanging the logistics related data of formations assigned to NATO plans by nations.

Stockholding and Asset Requirements Exchange (SHARE)
The electronic data interchange with SHARE will allow mutual informing about materiel asset availability and requirements for future joint procurement actions and mutual support.